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TDI Uses An Accelerator Model

TDI Uses An Accelerator Model

We commit intensive resources to a district for a defined time—simultaneously working on real estate development, small business stability and growth, arts, and cultural amenities, placemaking, and targeted technical assistance and strategic planning. This work is laid on a platform of community engagement and partnership development; we require that cities assemble a cross-sector partnership to apply in the first place, and over the course of the program we work to make the partnership more representative of the neighborhood and use it as a platform to grow sustaining, working relationships.

Our Approach

TDI uses a toolbox approach, hanging multiple sub-programs for TDI Districts on a frame of partnership building and community engagement. To learn more about sub-programs currently offered for TDI Districts, please click on the links below. Please note that programs are only available in active TDI Districts (or graduated TDI Districts where noted). Applications for TDI Districts are currently closed. Learn more about TDI’s approach.

Capacity Building

A TDI Fellow provides economic development expertise and collaborative leadership in a Gateway City for the duration of its TDI designation.

Partnership Development

A local cross-sector TDI Partnership of community leaders guides district transformation by defining goals, strategies, and measurement practices.

TDI Tools for Districts in Development

Each TDI Partnership and its TDI Fellow has access to a range of programmatic tools to spark growth and transformation in the TDI District.

Creative Economy Initiatives

Enhancing the outsized impact that the creative and cultural economies have on Gateway City downtowns and commercial districts.

Transformation By The Numbers


TDI districts graduated and ongoing


Invested in TDI resources across districts


Co-invested with local stakeholders across districts


Leveraged by TDI Fellows and programs across districts

As of January 2024

TDI Districts

TDI Districts

Beginning September 2022, MassDevelopment is currently active in the following TDI Districts. For more information, contact the TDI Fellow in each district.

Attleboro, Barnstable, Fall River, Holyoke, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, New Bedford, Pittsfield, Revere, Springfield, Taunton, Worcester.

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